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Welcome to ChatMate! The next generation of chat bots.
Connect to Twitch
Easily Integrate

ChatMate lets you easily integrate with Twitch and its APIs to access data and events related to your Twitch channel, helping you manage and respond to your chat.
All the Features

ChatMate offers a range of features that let you customize your stream and create a unique and engaging viewing experience that keeps your viewers coming back for more.
Flexible Control

ChatMate is designed to be flexible and customizable, providing a high level of control for anyone using it for fun or for business.
The power of AI

ChatMate includes AI-powered features that enable natural-language bot communication, AI assistant functionality, and more. This includes full integration with your account.
Give ChatMate a try today and see what it can do for you! With its powerful features and intuitive interface, we know you'll be impressed by what this tool offers.
Sign up now and discover the power of ChatMate for yourself!
Free $0 / month
Optimal for newcomers or channels with limited activity. Grants access to ChatMate's core features along with a small monthly allowance for limited AI functionality. An excellent foundation for initial audience engagement without a financial outlay.
This tier includes:
  • classic chatbot functionality
  • AI chat interaction
  • AI text-to-speech
  • AI voice control
  • AI vision
  • 100 AI credits per month
Join for Free
Plus $4.99 / month
Designed for small to medium-sized streamers who need more than the basics. Unlocks the full potential of ChatMate's AI, offering customization, long-term memory, and custom context features in addition to a generous monthly allowance for AI usage.
This tier includes:
  • everything in Free, plus...
  • custom AI context
  • long-term AI memory
  • 1000 AI credits per month
Pro $14.99 / month
Engineered for the professional streamers who want much more AI access. Offers the most expansive monthly allowance for AI interactions, ensuring you can handle high chat volumes. Ideal for those making Twitch a part of their income.
This tier includes:
  • everything in Free and Plus, plus...
  • 4000 AI credits per month

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